Find out more about SEARCH European Researchers Night 2022

SEARC|H in the Night

Book your evening this 30 September for another share of exciting meetings with science! We have planned breathtaking demonstrations and experiments in various scientific fields, quizzes, presentations, discussions, exhibitions, science films, competitions, photography, and so much more!

Watch out for the full programme of European Researchers’ Night on the website and on social media (Facebook и Instagram).

SEARCH Competitions 2022

Prepare for participation in our competitions, which everyone will have the opportunity to perform in:

  Young Voices Podcast Contest

  Search Instagram Looking Glass Visual Work Contest

Expect up-to-date information on all competitions soon.
So now get ready, switch your imagination and inspiration on, and take part!


After a one-year break, the next edition of The European Researchers Night 2022 Project will take place on September 30, 2022 with presentations, demonstrations, lectures and meetings with hundreds of scientists from all over the country. Experts will introduce you to news from their research fields. They will comment on current news from the world of science and technology and explain to you the role of science in everyday life and its part in the development of humanity and share with you why they chose the field of science.

During The European Researchers Night 2022, you can participate in various activities organized by educational institutions and organizations from over 25 settlements in Bulgaria. Join our program in Sofia, Plovdiv, Burgas, Varna, Ruse, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Blagoevgrad, Sliven, Gabrovo, Kotel, in the populated areas of the Dolna Mitropolia municipality and others. Join the Night from anywhere in the world in real time over the Internet.

The code name of the innovative project, in which more than 300 cities in Europe and the world participate in, is SEARCH - Science+Environment+Art=Resilience.

The initiative which popularizes science and its achievements is financed by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 Program.

The focus of SESRCH this year is glass, the most versatile material in human history with an essential role in society for technological, scientific and economic progress, as well as climate change and the related urgent and essential choices humanity must make. The highlights are in the context of the International Year of Glass 2022, announced by the United Nations and global and European programs and priorities.

The European Researchers Night Project - SEARCH is an ambitious effort that aims to help promote science, scientific activity and the scientific profession to a wide audience, with an emphasis on adolescents. SEARCH aims to encourage more Bulgarians, especially students, to work with the possibility of a career in the field of scientific research.

This year, 15 main and 16 associate partners from all over the country are participating in the Night and have prepared a special program of events that will last several months. The program covers exciting activities in schools, competitions, meetings with scientists in research institutes and universities, as well as events in public city places, in museums, laboratories and other educational institutions.

We are inviting you again this year at the European Researchers Night SEARCH 2022 with interesting, fun, cheerful and educational demonstrations, experiments, games, lectures and other activities to our locations and even online. You can easily find the program with #SEARCH in the digital space. 

Learn more about European Researchers Night  - https://fresher-researchersnight.bg/2022/,

and on our social media platforms- https://www.facebook.com/ResearchersBG 



SEARCH Science ambassadors

Later in the year we are preparing more visits by real, inspiring, successful scientists straight in classrooms at schools across Bulgaria. We will prepare these meetings together with the teachers and make sure everybody gets to ask their questions in person!


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