Dear teachers,

As part of the SEARCH (Science + Environment + Art = Resilience for European Researchers Night) project, we are developing STEM training for teachers.

We invite you to take advantage of our content specifically designed for learning to support classroom work in STEM subjects, as well as possible extracurricular activities with students.

How? – Read our offer for online and face-to-face meetings and downloadable materials.

We know that by integrating STEM activities into the curriculum, children are allowed to develop skills necessary to adapt to a dynamically developing pragmatic and technological environment. The skills developed through STEM provide them with a solid foundation for success, both in school and in real life.

We need to focus education on a curriculum that fosters innovation, creativity, critical thinking skills and problem-solving skills. To support children in exploring their interests and talents, to be creative in our lessons by making them fun and interesting, and to teach skills in the way they will be used in the real world.

To enable this to happen, we will offer you materials and training to support your work in the classroom and extracurricular activities with students.

The training is free, but it is necessary to declare your desire to access the materials and additional information for on-site training, at the following link:

Here’s what you can get:

1. good practices around the world and from Bulgaria, combining science and art, including ideas for educational content – online material available for download
2. tips from science communication professionals for adapting scientific knowledge to the classroom – online downloadable material
3. tips for developing scenarios for scientific events, as well as creating content for special occasions (eg Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc.) – downloadable online material
4. interactive, short presentations of science in a public environment (“science on the street”/ busking) recorded training by a leading British expert, accompanied by comments from Bulgarian participants in the training – present (online and/or in the hall)
5. good practices and tips for successful presentation of content online – in-person (online and/or classroom) training from a leading Bulgarian digital marketing expert, accompanied by downloadable written materials
6. live meeting (online and/or in person) with artists who work with scientists on joint art projects or comment on science in their works




Modules 1-3 will be ready for download by the end of November and we will notify you of the address from which you can access them

Modules 4 and 5 will be offered in one-day training in 2 modules – in December or January – we will send a survey to you for a preferred month and date

Module 6 will be offered in the form of recordings from a series of online meetings with Bulgarian artists working in the field of bio-art, interested in themes such as space, biodiversity and technology in their work, as well as scientists working with filmmakers for the creation of scientific performances – from January 2023. The idea is for them to tell how they became interested in science, how it is present in their works, what sources they are looking for

We will continue to offer these meetings in the new year 2023.

We are expecting you.


SEARCH project team

Center for Research and Analysis

Beautiful Science Foundation

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