Details of Researchers’ Night 2020

Researchers' Night Program 2020

We will be waiting for you for another year with the special program of the Night which will start from 5 pm on November 27 in 25 settlements in the country. We have planned interesting demonstrations and experiments in various scientific fields, quizzes, lectures, discussions, exhibitions, scientific cinema, presentation of research papers, drawing competitions, photography, presentation, video and essay, scientific cafes.

The full and specific program of the European Researchers’ Night will be additionally published on the website of the initiative in social networks (Facebook и Instagram) and in online media.

Researchers' Night Competitions 2020

Get ready to participate in our competitions in which everyone will have the opportunity to perform:

  • Fantastic plants
  • Song sheets
  • Strong tenderness
  • Roots of inspiration
  • Spoken word
  • A day in the life of an academician

All competitions will be open for submission of materials on October 26.

Details on all formats which we expect you to send us your works in are expected on October 15.

And now - turn on the imagination, enthusiasm and inspiration on top!

About the FRESHER Project

The European Reserchers’ Night 2020 initiative - FRESHER is an innovative project funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie program of the Horizon 2020 program which is being held for the fifth consecutive year in over 300 cities in Europe and around the world.

This year the BG initiative involves 20 main and 35 associate partners from all over the country with a special program in more than 25 settlements which will last several months. The program covers exciting activities in schools, competitions, meetings with scientists in research institutes and universities as well as events in public urban places. FRESHER is an English abbreviation and means Find Research Everywhere, SHare and expERience.

The Night events focus is the topic of plant health, announced by the UN for 2020 which focuses on the future of the planet in the context of plant protection, ecology, the role of plants in human health and the economy, and many other areas.

We will be waiting for you again this year on the European Researchers’ Night 2020 FRESHER on November 27, 2020 from 5 p.m. with interesting, fun, cheerful and instructive demonstrations, scientific exhibitions, experiments, games, lectures and other activities.

FRESHER Science ambassadors

We have prepared new visits of real, inspiring, successful scientists right in your classroom at school. We will prepare these meetings together with your teachers, so be patient - you will soon find out which scientist you will meet live (or online). And don't worry - you'll be able to ask your questions in person!


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